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The Archaeopteryx is a versatile high-end hang-glider in sailplane configuration with exceptional climbing ability. The elaborately made glider has been designed for foot launch on mountain slopes and for a variety of other launch methods such as bungee launch taking off from a mountain or launches on airfields using the methods of car towing, winch towing, trike aerotow and ultralight / LSA aerotow.


The new carbon glider’s particular distinctions are its minimal weight, its wide airspeed range and very low minimum airspeed plus the well-coordinated controllability and its adaptability, ensured by the large wing flap. It impresses with its very good flight abilities and straightforward handling.

Flight performance

The Archaeopteryx offers the pilot – thanks to its low sink rate and low airspeed – an outstanding climbing ability, efficiently using even the weakest and slightest lifts (microlift). This exceptional rate of climb and good gliding performance allow extended cross-country flights, even at low base and low altitude. The comfortable cockpit, optionally open or fully enclosed, plus the fatigue-free flight behavior inspire and invite to long flights.


The aerodynamic controls are operated with the side stick on the right, the flap lever on the left and the adjustable foot pedals. There is an efficient flap over the entire span of the wing, superimposed by the aileron deflection on the outside and extensible on the inside for descent assistance. A slow approach is possible thanks to the variable flap positions, allowing small-scale and stress-free landings on standard hang glider landing paddocks and the smallest outlanding fields. The Archaeopteryx is preferably landed on its wheels. Foot landing is possible.


The super-light glider is stored gently in its careful storage system. For transportation and for use as hangar, the lightweight special trailer made by the company “Clevertrailer” or the special trailer made by the company “Anschau” is recommended. The Archaeopteryx is designed for frequent, quick and easy rigging and de-rigging.


For safety, the Archaeopteryx is equipped with a specifically developed and tested rocket-powered light weight rescue system. The pilot is securely connected both to the plane and to the rescue system.